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 A little testimony 

I am now the owner of Hartman Stationary since 2000,  This company was established in 1994 and name after my Mom Emily Hartman who passed away 1994.   Hartman Stationary Manifested in the year 2000.   I was born in Brooklyn  NY USA Fort Green Houses.   After surrendering my life to God.   The Lord gave me a vison to reach people through encouraging words of God loving kindness in scripture through greeting cards.  I have and will dedicate my life to continue to manifest these handmade beautiful greeting cards.  Hartman Stationary is up an running nationwide.  Hartman Stationary website have expand to women and men apparel as well as children and adults and much more!   Never under estimate how The Lord  will use YOU!

Thank You For The Opportunity To Serve You!

Hartman Stationary

Beautiful As A Pearl

Matthews 13:45

God Bless

Sister J Ramos/CEO


I'm always looking for new and exciting customers.  

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